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Monday, November 15 , 2011


Living in my Dreams Part 2

  Happy Tuesday,

My last blog on this subject I explain a dream that I had back in the spring of 2011 that I consider a word from God.  The symbols in the dreams took awhile to figure out because of my sub concise is strange.  I have not got all the answered but here what I obtain.

“Thin happy cows”-this image is my financial state is thin on money.

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Story of the Month

The Prince of Dallas: Hail to the Chief

The Prince has plans for America and the world making sure he keeps a tight grip on his kingdom. High above in Air Force One he kills the President causing chaos in the upcoming midterm election and world markets increasing the level of fear. The time is right, the scheme is perfect nothing can go wrong.

But who let the troublemaker on the plane?

 Read the story here!

Coming Soon

The Shepherd Boy

this is a story inspire by a verses in the Bible where young David tell King Saul he kill a bear and a lion and he is able to take care of Goliath.  The Shepherd Boy is a nice little tale about little boy David with his family and adventures before he became King.

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